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Friday, September 4, 2009

I've moved.. to.... http://asirralcworld.wordpress.com

1:36 PM

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let me go thru the list of stuff I need to do and get..

-Study for Certification test
-Study for all my Lecture notes tt i haven been to class
-Do my tutorials
-Lab Report
-Organise outing..(uncelebrated bdays!)
-Go book appointment for Lasik
-gymgymgym more!!!!!
-Get a labtop.. (apple or not? tsk..)
-etc etc.

phew! ok, time to catch some slp.. and.. night shift tonight!

Sad to say, thru all those stupid quizes on facebk.. i realized my EQ and IQ arent high! haha.. wth..

-As blur as sotong..
-Emotional and get affected by ppl easily.. Proven by this morning incident.

oh man. how bad can it get? hmph!

12:18 PM

School school school.

Its really hard to get myself moving. Its like getting to start an engine tt hasnt been running for quite time. hmph. Realli need a lot of motivation and determination to get myself on those tutorials and lectures I have missed. Phew. so much to do. so little time. Plus.. to learn those drawings for pgc by next month. bleh. double stressed.

Uncle Seetoh has left Exxon. Last day was on monday. lotsa nice and gd memories these last few days. I have plenty of pics. but have to wait for ariffin to send me the pics. hehex.

I can feel myself moving into another phase of my life. lotsa new changes to my environment.. I believe.. I will try to survive...

I may not be able to change the world I see around me, but I can change the way I see the world within me.


1:17 AM

Thursday, August 20, 2009

ok, I am almost giving up blogger. At least till I found another host and set up all the relevant stuff. hmph. Sickening.. anyway, my entries are so boring nowdays tt they arent worth reading anymore. Just some rantings of my messy heart.

2 night shifts. Nowdays, Its nice to have someone to do my post with me. :)My new trainee is quite nice, and hardworking. So I tink it doesnt take long for him to noe more den I do. Tues night was a very busy one with impt jobs and all.
Uncle was with me the whole night..cos of major jobs. and i am glad to squeeze a little more knowledge out of his 10 yr experience in this cracker unit. :):):):)

Work nowdays.. despite me complaining all day abt ppl leaving.. but the new ppl are fun!more youngster in the team now... shall upload the pics of team dinner if blogger ever permits me to. haha..

My determination is slightly swayed already... I still have another 6 yrs to go..4 yrs of course and 2 yr bond after completion.

School has been fine, flooded and confused by all the trignometry functions. Well, it takes time for me get back on track to noe what I am doing.Now tt we have sch, I have chance to meet up with Celine more often..

Lots of thoughts flooding in me. Yet dont noe who to spit it too. haven been having quality time with friends. Sumtimes when i feel like talking to someone.. I stared at my phone and no one came to my mind. And those tt i approached, are just entertaining me out of gd will.. at least this is how i felt.

8:44 PM

Saturday, August 8, 2009

ok! some updates for my Genting trip, with Joonchye,Siewling,Shiqi,Elwin and gf.. and also.. lifen joining us in the midst of it..

Overall..the trip was great. I played stuff I would never imagine myself playing. Went to casino.. tho lost like 20ringit. lolx.. but still its an unforgettable trip. Slacking till midnight. having KFC in the middle of the night.. Laughing over JC getting sunburnt in genting. and.. over.. the melted icecream. Not to mention trying to scream while playing the rides.. trying to scream. but unable to! lolx. pressure pressure supressing. haha..
Slack, Eat and play whole day. Lived like a king! hahaha..

Started off at Bukit Panjiang Plaza..

I totally love the bus seat. And I guess.. I was the only one who fell asleep on the comfy chair.We arrived at 3am. So we slacked here and there. till like the next day 12 plus.. and u can see all our faces.. Super shagged! Left our luggages in Lifen's room...

This is the super ex and unnice wanton mee. I miss the $2.50 wanton mee we order for weekends.
Camwhore in the room. not a lot.. haha..

Outdoor!!!! Themepark.the weather is totally so loveable.

I like this one! rollercoaster!
and i hate this one. swirl and swirl. make me giddy only

I like this! :)
Up and down...

We went for the Haunted adventure. went in in twos. Had a gd laugh. cos Jc was shocked by a hand. haha.. He was v brave initally. so i tagged on his jacket... whilst shiqi tagged siewling.

Then, we went for foot reflexology.. at Healing touch. comfy comfy..:)

Oh, I think food at Causeway Bay is nice. :) tho its realli quite.. ex..

Great getaway..

12:54 AM

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

wow. what's with blogger. cant upload pics AGAIN. totally sickening.

I'm not in the right mood or mode now. Haven been slping enough for few days.
cant slp properly last night. Seems like there was a lot on my mind.Went to work today like a walking zombie with panda eyes. How nice. *shrugs*

Was hit by a bad news when i came in on tues. ok, someone important to me tendered his resignation letter. Someone impt.. My dearest uncle seetoh..
ok, i call him uncle not cos he is old. but cos he like to call mi auntie. I agree that we have to give him our best blessings since he found somewhere else,
for a better future. Nevertheless, I dont noe how i can put my feelings into simple words. I just.. broke down and cried tt day. ok, i admit I was behaving a bit off norm by crying like tt. but can someone just put urself in my shoes...

When my mentor left me.. he said.. nvm lar clar. u still have barry, alwee and Seetoh mah.. and he went to team 2
Then Alwee was transferrd to Ic&t.. Nvm lar clar. U still have barry and Seetoh mah..
and Now barry is in console... and barry said.. nvm lar. outside still have seetoh mah...

Do u like get the picture y am i exactly so sad..? I do get attached to ppl v easily.

ok, like what ariffin says. One person's lost is another person's gain.

I'm feeling so sick now. Flu, headache and sore throat. or mayb morale's low. feeling v sick. I just feel like having a gd slp.. tt i can dont wake up. unless needed to.

11:10 PM

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back from Genting! hmmph..Wanted to blog abt the trip. but.. i guess I suddenly lost tt mood.

People come and go. But I am keeping my fingers cross that it nt that someone I thought. Sometimes when I feel that I am left alone, I am always glad I have him. If he is gone too.. all my motivation will taken away too. So I am praying hard till I know the real ans.

ok, I am sprouting some nonsense tt i need to get off my mind.

School starts today! I am so nervous abt it.

Mood swings like roller coaster. =.= So up and down.

I really miss all my friends. WHEn will someone organise an outing.. haha.. and not wait for mi and bixia.. So disappointing. :P

12:15 PM

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It seems to me that blogger always have some problems. Right now, this new post page looks pretty funny again and I cant seem to locate any icon that says, "upload picture." wth.
I thought of changing.. but it did occurred to me that might not even have any time for blogs anymore in the next coming few months. or even YEARS.

School offically starts on 3rd August. Lessons will be scheduled on mon, wed and fri. Packed.. with work schedule. and Gym sessions.

Priority goes to studies and work. I gotta start to schedule for driving soon too. Wow.. sucha long list of stuff waiting for me. Well, I would say.. at least for now, I knoe where I am heeding in life. All is gd and well at work. despite the fact that barry's not ard in the field with me anymore. i lost my.. "sense of security" but it gave me a chance to be more independent and responsible for the things i do. Moreover, have to start learning new post. Shahul already started.. and here i am, still slacking away. Yusof has a newborn girl.. :) So I did OT in team 2 yesterday. my first ot in other teams.:) ok, i hope for more ot to come, if i can do it. Keeping busy is gd, it makes me forget things that I dont want to remember. I hate it when my mind is empty and random sad thoughts starts to fill my mind. Everyone says I am an optimistic girl. The secret behind it is to try to fill in gd thoughts so that my little capacity mind has no more space for sad stuff. Sounds pretty simple right?

I managed to talk Celine and Pema to sign up for the standard chartered marathon, 10km this year. hahaha. Gotta start to train for it soon. My sis and her 2 besties joining with us too. Time to get those feets moving. :) Some of my team ppl are signing up for the full marathon and they were laughing tt i only took the 10km run. Well, I still insis on my stand that.. I should start from the minimum! lolx...

Will be heeding to Genting tmr night with the exxon peeps. :) I'm looking forward to it! haha. gossip sessions, casino and outdoor themeparks.. :)

2:35 PM

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Woohoo. i'm back.. with some long overdued pics.

I cant rem the scquence. so its all random! :)

All is well and gd at work. At least for the moment. Adjusting towards juggling work and studies soon. Some changes coming my way. I have tt 'left all alone' feeling again. *sigh* I dont have a choice, do I? hmmm.Anyway, I have a new trainee tech following me now. Experienced tech from celanese. Well, it does feel weird having someone to follow me. There were contractors teasing me that.. I used to tag barry. now upgrade alr, someone is following me. haha.. It feels pretty funny when I see someone new come in. totally new to the plant. It makes me think back the first day i was here. and how my mentors taught mi and drilled me with qns.. plus bluffing me to believe certain ridiculous stuff that i think only I will believe.

We had a team dinner at 3Monkeys, orchard tower. Food was so so. But it beats going to Indian restaurant. ;) hahaha.. There was a stage there.. with a live band. To further liven things up, one of my teammate went up and sang 2 indian songs for us.

Deciding what to eat...
That's ariffin. :)
My dearest uncle seetoh:)

from left, Barry, Winston and Yigui. Sad to say, winston and Yigui gg to leave the team too. Being posted for other duties. =.=
From left, Kenneth, Uncle Ee( the eldest in e team) and winston

tt's like.. the.. indian grp. The one on the right in black is my supervisor.
Enjoyable dinner. But, I think they would appreciate the outside seats more. ;)

Oh ya.. just at random.. I permed my hair! hahaha.. it was a sudden decision. So far... i think..its pretty manageable.. just tt.. it definitely requires more time to take care of the curls.

Some family pics..

Ziqian is so cute. hahaha.. Always make my day with his lively smile. well, he can laugh nonstop for the whole day. He is very gd at speaking now, talk and talk and talk. He stayed over at my house on friday, cos the bro was in the hospital. Vomiting.. *shakes head* whole family falling sick. When kids fall sick, parents suffer.

haha... this was taken during our last hangout for dinner.. dre so bushuang.

me and pema while waiting for lester.. late king.

going nus with celine later. for the matriculation exercise. Sch sch sch... here i come! :)
Mummy and val went malacca for 2 days.. hmmph. I see a lot of things lying ard waiting for me to put them back in place.

3:47 PM

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